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Married July 27th July 1951 Totnes
Ian 1953 - Martin 1954

Maureen Jones. Surviving child of two daughters (Parents: Mother, teacher before marriage. Father a mining and steel, safety officer. Subsequently Guest House Owners) Born Newport Monmouth - 1928. Educated at a Gloucestershire Grammar School, Fishponds Teachers Training College, Bristol. Headteacher in Handsworth. Voluntary member of Birmingham Health Authority since 1972; lay member and conciliator of primary care committees. Choir member and secretary for many years. Hobbies: grandchildren, music, reading and bowling.

Michael Jones. Fifth of six children (Parents: Mother, daughter of corn merchant, left school at 12 years to manage family home - subsequently housewife. Father a canal clerk) Born 21.4.28. Educated in Handsworth, training as a teacher at Saltley and Dudley Colleges. Taught in Junior, Secondary Modern and Comprehensive Schools in Sandwell for 35 years. Early retirement at 54 years. Hobbies; gardening, politics, peace campaigning.

Ian Jones. Teacher

Martin Jones. Policeman