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Chris Mullin Daily Mail Article

Boris Johnson interview 1998

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Hedgeman - The Book

The Berlin Wall

Into the Roaring Nineties

1991 Stanton Turns Really Nasty

Annus Horribilis

The End Of The Annus But Not The Horribilis

The Judgement

The Hand Of Peace


The Big One

No Carte Blanche

Come On Stanton Pay Up

April Fool

Niniteen Ninety Seven

A Little Help From The Lord






Michael Jones

A line of Leylandii spoiled life, blocking the sky, sun, moon and stars. Everything they could say to anyone who could do anything about it had been said. Stanton v Jones defined a "hedge" in case law and the High Hedges Bill became law as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.
Michael Jones founded Hedgeline in 1998

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